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Advantages for software vendors

Software vendors are faced with the challenge of making their solution available for an increasing number of application scenarios: On premises with different operating systems and on different virtualization platforms, on different clouds and in hybrid environments.

Offering your software as a Univention app means being able to offer your testers and customers a ready-for-use application with a high-performance operating and management system which is immediately available. The platform offers an open, easy-to-use system for user and rights administration plus update and life cyclemanagement and allows integration in customer environments. Your Univention app is available in a range of different cloud and virtualization formats, can be distributed by a continuously expanding network of cloud service providers and can be commissioned using the Univention App Center. This means that your solution is ready for use immediately on premises, on the cloud or in hybrid environments.

OCA seal for Software Vendors

The Open Cloud Alliance seal for software developers shows your customers that your software

  1. is available from different cloud service providers and on premises.
  2. supports data migration
  3. complies with the open cloud standard for identity and rights management and
  4. can be easily integrated in existing directory services.
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