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Advantages for companies

Operating enterprise applications on the cloud offers a whole range of advantages: scalability, cost transparency, independence from hardware and rapid availability. However, many cloud offers consist of a fixed package of IT centre services, support and a limited number of specific services. You often do not receive the software itself, with the result that you cannot run it on your on-premises servers or change provider if you want to. Univention apps on the other hand can be run in multiple cloud environments as well as on premises.

With Univention apps, you have a large selection of enterprise applications at your fingertips and ready for use. The apps include their own Linux-based operating system, a user-friendly management system for users and rights and a convenient patch and life cycle management system. You can also integrate Univention apps in your infrastructure, e.g., Microsoft Active Directory. And the best thing: All Univention apps can be combined to form an integrated “domain” with a central identity management system and a shared web GUI for simple administration. APIS and scripting interfaces are also available.
You can migrate your Univention apps back to your own IT centre from the cloud or to another hosting service provider at any time. This offers you complete freedom of choice, supplier independence and control of your cloud!

The advantages for your company

  1. Freedom of choice and control of the cloud
  2. Central identity management for all applications
  3. Cloud services from different providers that can be combined
  4. Transparent, usage-based invoicing
  5. Technical operating platform based on Open Source software
  6. Software maintenance for the applications is performed directly by the developers
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